Sorry to Karens

This is he sent to me by e-mail:

I know i hurt you,but i dont want to do it.u know my parents not agree,this is not focal point.i just want u beside me and give me what i want.u also know i was cheated with someone for 4 years,because of distance.but before i tried to keep our relationship,but i could not.i dont want hurt myself,right,u maybe say i’m very selfish,yes you are right,every female like this.anyway,if we have fate, we will be together !

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3 Responses to Sorry to Karens

  1. Yang Kang-long says:

    Real love does not limited by the distance

  2. wangyongpku says:

    I am sorry to hear this. It must be a difficult time for you. But eventually everything will work out for you. As to the long-distance love, here is something I wrote on my blog about three years ago:

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